School Policies

Grading Policy

A = Outstanding performance 100 – 90

B = Above average performance 89 – 80

C = Average performance 79 – 70

D = Below average performance 69 – 60

F = Failing 59 and below

WD (Withdrawn) without penalty if you have completed less than 20% of the course. This will not affect GPA.

W/F (withdraw failing) & W/P (withdraw passing): Student withdrew after the grace period. This will reflect on their transcript.

Note: Student must withdraw during the 28-day grace period to receive no penalty and it will not be included on their transcript. 


Monthly Calls (Contacts)

Students are required to make contact with each course instructor monthly. This is an excellent opportunity to touch base and review pace and progress in the course. This contact can be completed via call, text, or email. A parent or guardian must be present and/or reply to an email/text message in order to complete the monthly call.

DBA’s (Oral Assessments)

DBAs (or Discussion Based Assessments) are oral assessments between the student and instructor. DBA's are required in each course and cannot be skipped or done more than one at a time. They must be completed according to the pace chart. In order to have a great DBA experience, it is important that students are in a room without distractions or other people. The instructor will ask questions pertaining to the previous module. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate a mastery of the module topics/concepts.

*Guardians are not required to be present during a DBA, but may complete the monthly contact after completion of the DBA testing.

Academic Progress And Integrity

SCVS sets high expectations for the success of its students. We are committed to meeting the needs of all students and will work tirelessly to facilitate student success and to maintain instructional momentum.

Please view the Academic Progress and Integrity document (pdf) for full details

Final Exams

Final Exam Policy:

The purpose of the final exam is to assist in validating that students have demonstrated mastery of key course concepts and standards. The final exam, unto itself, is not the sole determiner of student achievement; however, students are required to take and successfully pass a final exam in all Seminole County Virtual School courses. In order to maintain the integrity of all Seminole County Virtual School grades, instructors may choose to facilitate random oral assessments and/or face to face exams.