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How can I attend SCVS?


Seminole County Virtual School is a public school serving grades K-12 online in Seminole County, FL. We are a franchise of Florida Virtual School. 

 Students in grades K-12 can attend SCVS full-time. Families should apply in-person during the enrollment windows for full-time. Students can attend Seminole County Virtual full time and remain public school students. These students learn at home and can earn a regular Seminole County Public School diploma. Click here to learn more about full-time enrollment. Full-time enrollment is only open during certain dates. Please click on the FULL TIME enrollment button for more information. 
Students attending traditional school can blend their face-to-face classes with virtual classes. This provides flexibility and additional course options. Looking for courses? Click here for the curriculum guide to find the courses that we offer. We offer courses 365 days a year. 
 Home School
 Home education students attending private school can take any number of courses with Seminole County Virtual School. They can also choose to enter Seminole County Virtual and earn their diploma. 


eCampus Courses

 French or ASL I,II,III or IV
 PF, FLD or Keyboarding



FLVS Courses

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 Seminole County Virtual School Full Time

 Seminole County Virtual School Part Time

 Florida Virtual School


SCVS Overview

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission...
To provide students with state-of-the art educational opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed academically and personally using a technological environment that creates flexibility for time, space, access and support. 

Our Vision...
To expand, improve and innovate educational pathways that lead to success for all students in a 21st Century, globalized and technology-rich world.