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SCVS Overview


 French or America Sign Language

 PF, FLD or Keyboarding






FLVS Courses

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 Seminole County Virtual School Full Time

 Seminole County Virtual School Part Time

 Florida Virtual School


Who Does SCVS Serve?

 Grades K-5
 Students in K-5 can attend Seminole County Virtual School full time or part time as part of the Seminole Virtual Instructional Program. Elementary students may take accelerate coursework to meet their individual academic needs. 
 Home School 
 Home education students attending private school can take any number of courses with Seminole County Virtual School. They can also choose to enter Seminole County Virtual and earn their diploma. 
 Grades 6-12
 Students in 6-12 can attend full time or part time. Students attending traditional school can blend their face-to-face classes with virtual classes. This provides flexibility and additional course options. Students can attend Seminole County Virtual full time and remain public school students. These students learn at home and can earn a regular Seminole County Public School diploma.  


Family Announcement

Schools in our district have the opportunity to take part in the development of a new method to showcase what makes each of our schools unique.  SCPS has partnered with Datanautix, a local data analytics firm, to create a new, more transparent school report card that will featuring a snapshot of  parent, student and school staff perceptions as well as other critical data points. 

Please click on the link to participate in a very short survey that will allow you to provide input in your own words about Seminole County Virtual School.  The survey will ask how likely you are to recommend our school to others and will provide an opportunity for you to tell us about your experience.

The survey results will be collected and analyzed by Datanautix. All responses are collected anonymously - no personally identifiable information will be included as a part of the survey.  The survey will be open from January 23rd to February 23rd.


Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission...
To provide students with state-of-the art educational opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed academically and personally using a technological environment that creates flexibility for time, space, access and support. 

Our Vision...
To expand, improve and innovate educational pathways that lead to success for all students in a 21st Century, globalized and technology-rich world.