Program of Hospitality and Tourism Management

SCVS Program of Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Jump-start your career in the field of Hospitality and Tourism. The first completely virtual program of hospitality and tourism, offering the ultimate in flexibility for on-the-job training through experiences and internships. Through this program, students will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to secure management and leadership positions in the area of Hospitality and Tourism. The program offers students four courses as well as internships and job shadowing experience. Each course provides students the opportunity to earn industry certifications, and the program is open to all high school students in Seminole County. It is the first virtual high school H&T program, and one of the major advantages of the online curriculum is that it can be updated in real-time to reflect what is happening in the industry.

Course Overview:

  • Year 1: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism                         Register Here for Year 1

    Gives an overview of the four sectors of the industry (lodging, attractions & entertainment, travel, food and beverage). Lessons focus on global and local trends in H&T to give students a better understanding of the scope of the industry. Examples of lessons with a local focus- the history of Central Florida tourism, Seminole County as a destination for sports tourism and ecotourism. Introduce concepts such as professionalism and positive attitude in the workplace.

  • Year 2: Technology for Hospitality and Tourism                          Register Here for Year 2

    Covers the evolution of technology in the industry, including current trends. Also looks at how Covid-19 has spurred innovation in the industry. Builds on workplace skills introduced in the Year 1 course, such as interviewing and social media etiquette.

  • Year 3: Marketing                                                                   Register Here for Year 3

    Will cover key marketing concepts and include lessons on marketing in the industry, as well as the idea of marketing yourself (your personal brand). Will further build on workplace skills presented in Years 1 and 2.

  • Year 4: Entrepreneurship                                                        Register Here for Year 4

    Will cover topics on business leadership. Students will demonstrate the soft skills and the workplace skills (resumes, cover letters, interviews, social media presence, email and phone etiquette, etc.) they learned from the prior courses.

Unique Experiences Each Semester:

  • Behind the Scenes at Local Events
  • Tour Local Airports, Restaurants, Businesses and Hotels
  • Job Shadowing in the Industry
  • Paid and Unpaid Internships

Industry Certifications:

Industry certifications will be available throughout the program.

News Highlights:

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Scholarship Opportunity:

The CFHLA Foundation is now accepting applications for the Hospitality Student Scholarships with deadline March 25, 2022. Learn more.

Program Sponsors & Partnerships:

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