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Mandatory Contact

Monthly Calls (Contacts)

Students are required to make contact with each course instructor monthly. This is an excellent opportunity to touch base and review pace and progress in the course. This contact can be completed via call, text, or email. A parent or guardian must be present and/or reply to an email/text message in order to complete the monthly call.

DBA’s (Oral Assessments)

DBAs (or Discussion Based Assessments) are oral assessments between the student and instructor.  DBA's are required in each course and cannot be skipped or done more than one at a time. They must be completed according to the pace chart. In order to have a great DBA experience, it is important that students are in a room without distractions or other people. The instructor will ask questions pertaining to the previous module. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate a mastery of the module topics/concepts.

*Guardians are not required to be present during a DBA, but may complete the monthly contact after completion of the DBA testing.

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Academic Progress and Integrity

SCVS sets high expectations for the success of its students. We are committed to meeting the needs of all students and will work tirelessly to facilitate student success and to maintain instructional momentum. Students are required to submit assignments in their course on a weekly basis and to maintain regular contact with their instructors. Any student who does not make progress in the course for a period of 14 days and has not made prior arrangements with his/her instructor will be assigned to their zoned school’s Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) for support and progress monitoring.The Virtual Learning Lab staff and school guidance counselor will work with the student, parent, and the course instructor to create a Success Plan for the student.Failure to respond to the Virtual Learning Lab’s attempts to contact the student, or failure to adhere to the Success Plan created by the student and family may result in Administrative Removal from the course with an F grade.

Student Agreement: 

Students are expected to agree to the following as part of the registration process:

I acknowledge that during the first 28 days of being activated into my SCVS course I may drop the course without penalty. I understand that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis will result in my removal from the course and may result in a failing grade being assigned to my academic transcript. If I drop the course after completing 50% of the class requirements and fail to take the final exam, SCVS will issue an “F” for my final grade.

Code Of Conduct:

Internet access is required for all virtual school students, but access must be used in a responsible, safe, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. With expanded access to electronic information, availability of inappropriate material is not uncommon. Some sites contain illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or offensive information. Although it is impossible to control such misuses, we believe that with responsible use, the benefits of the Internet as an educational tool outweigh the negatives. We especially appreciate partnering with parents to teach responsible Internet use. Please review the following etiquette rules and Seminole County Virtual School expectations carefully: Students are responsible for good behavior on the Seminole County network. Always use a computer in a way that shows consideration and respect. It is illegal to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language. (f.s. 847.001 Obscene Literature; Profanity). We take integrity and authenticity of student work very seriously at SCVS. Do not cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content or the work of your online classmates. SCVS instructors do utilize technologies to check for authenticity. Copying, knowingly allowing others to copy from you, and/or misusing Internet content could result in removal from our courses.Security is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users. If you can identify a security problem in the school’s computers, network, or Internet connection, notify a system administrator. It is illegal to create harmful computer viruses. (f.s. 815 Computer-Related Crimes).Email is not private. Never say anything via email that you wouldn’t mind seeing on the school bulletin board or in the local newspaper. Beware of emails from anyone, particularly adults you don’t know, asking for personal information, attempting to arrange meetings, or engaging in personal contact. Alert your teacher or other SCVS employee of any message you receive that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable. Email with your online classmates should be course-related. It is prohibited to send unsolicited email to your online classmates. Email addresses that use profanity or may be construed as offensive, shall not be permitted for SCVS correspondence. SCVS administration reserves the right to determine if student email addresses are inappropriate. When necessary, students will be asked to use an alternative email address or be refused for participation in SCVS courses.Protect your password. Keep it secret from anyone except your parents.Inappropriate Texting/Messaging: Photographs or videos sent via computer, cell phone, or any other electronic device which depict nudity or any other inappropriate content are prohibited (f.s. 847.001 Sexting).

All students taking SCVS courses agree to the following statement at the start of each course

Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity is one of our core values and one of the most important areas of focus as a learning organization. Students with Academic Integrity make decisions based on ethics and values that will prepare them to be productive and ethical citizens. Seminole County Virtual School and its curriculum providers take the subject of academic integrity seriously. Teachers use a variety of monitoring tools:

1. Turnitin.com: This Internet tool compares student work against a variety of databases. Our learning management systems are integrated with Turnitin.com, and most work is automatically uploaded to the system. This database compares student work against work found on the Internet.
2. Academic Integrity Database: Florida Virtual School maintains its own database of student integrity incidences. This database is used to monitor the number of student integrity issues. Incidents in Seminole County Virtual School courses are logged within this database and our own database, as well.
3. Discussion Based Assessments: Each teacher regularly conducts discussion-based assessments with his or her students. These conversations occur at specific intervals as well as randomly in a course and are included in the assessment component of each course. The teacher discusses individual student work and extends the conversation to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of the content and to verify the authenticity of the student’s work.
4. Proctored Exams: At any time student may be asked to come to the SCVS Campus to take a proctored exam. Reporting Procedure If you would like to report an academic integrity situation please call Katie Morgan at 407-490-2867.
5. The use of online world language translators for world languages classes is strictly prohibited.
6. Academic Integrity Consequences: SCVS follows the guidelines outlined in the SCPS Code of Conduct on page 6.


Educational Equity

Seminole County Public Schools

Educational Equity - Notice of Nondiscrimination



The Educational Equity Administrator for Seminole County Public Schools has the responsibility of assuring compliance with the educational equity requirements by providing technical expertise, monitoring activities or programs related to compliance, and responding to equity complaints. One of the responsibilities is to administer the Educational Equity Complaint/Grievance Procedures as adopted by the School Board.


It is the policy of the School Board of Seminole County, Florida, that no employee, student, or applicant shall - on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, marital status, age, religion, or any other basis prohibited by law - be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination and harassment under any educational programs, activities, or in any employment conditions, policies, or practices conducted by the District. Additionally, the School board of Seminole County provides equal access to public school facilities for the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups as required by 34 C.F.R. 108.6.


Every employee, student, or applicant for employment at Seminole County Public Schools has a solemn right to be treated fairly, equally, equitably, and with dignity. If for any reason you - the employee, student, or applicant for employment - find that you have been victimized by acts of discrimination and or harassment, whether intentional or unintentional, you are strongly encouraged to file an Educational Equity Complaint or Grievance with the Educational Equity Administrator, or any county or school-level administrator. All such complaints must be immediately forwarded to the Educational Equity Administrator for dissemination, action, and resolution. Forward to: SCPS Educational Equity Administrator, Seminole County Public Schools, Educational Support Center, 400 E. Lake Mary Blvd., Sanford, FL 32773-7127. (407) 320-00198.  



Grading and Exams

Grading Policy:

  • A Outstanding performance 100 – 90
  • B Above average performance 89 – 80 
  • C Average performance 79 – 70
  • D Below average performance 69 – 60 
  • F Failing 59 and below
  • W/N Withdrawn- No grade (No academic penalty)

Note: Student must withdraw during the 28-day grade period to receive no penalty and it will not be included on their transcript.

W/F & W/P Student withdrew after the grace period. This will reflect on their transcript.

Final Exam Policy:

The purpose of the final exam is to assist in validating that students have demonstrated mastery of key course concepts and standards. The final exam, unto itself, is not the sole determiner of student achievement; however, students are required to take and successfully pass a final exam in all Seminole County Virtual School courses. In order to maintain the integrity of all Seminole County Virtual School grades, instructors may choose to facilitate random oral assessments and/or face to face exams.
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